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Hi everyone, I picked up an old 15 ft fibreglass runabout (Sportsman craft) as a first/project boat really cheap as a means to learn a bit about boating. It seems pretty solid and came with a 65 HP blue band mercury.

A few q's:

What is the correct fuel mix ratio for this motor

Is there any info on these motors online

I have a bit of fibreglassing to do, the trim and tilt only works in one direction and some trailer work is needed, but I am looking fiorward to the challenge. See you out there ....one day.....

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Check the transom & stringers before you take her outside mate.


Yeah doing that, found 2 soft spots in the floorthat I have cut out back to good wood, and will replace. This has provided me with a good accesspoint to look at the stringers and hull etc. Looks good....so far....transor is solid, but will have a better look on the weekend.

Cheers fellas for the replies.

this is the beast..so far....


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I'm in the process of a restoration now mate (see my BLOG). I'm no expert but if you get stuck with something drop me a PM and I might be able to point you in the right direction.



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If I can make a suggestion or three it would be to get all of the engine wiring thoroughly checked as these motors can suffer from corrosion quiet badly in the harnesess. They can be running great one minute and stop the next with this problem.

If that checks out a water pump should be done regardless. These motors can also suffer a bit from corrosion in the water jackets around the head and thermostat. Check the water outlet and unblock it too.

Older Blue bands just need a bit of extra care and attention and seldom give a warning of an impending fault. They just stop. Dont go outside without an auxilery.

Looks like a nice boat to play with, enjoy :thumbup:

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