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Haines Hunter V19r


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ditto - best offshore boat from the late 70's and 80's. Used to fish Ezzy in one with a 4 litre inboard volvo petrol engine - legendary sea riding boat.

watch for a soft floor and transom in a boat that old. I do not know what became of the mold - if it went to signature or stayed with whoever owns haines hunter now. anyone know?

from my database

haines v19c - originally in the late 60's.

haines v19r - launched in 1964 by RC Hunt of Boston. (18'4"). Re-designed in 1975, with multiple changes (19'4")

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They are a great boat and will handle out side trips with ease. There was a Lake Macquarie Game boat called Odessa some years back landed a Tiger Shark over 400Kg on 15kg line class from a 19 Haines R. at Port Stephens game comp. They landed many fantastic fish from that boat.

Never heard any real negative comments about them. As long the boat checks out you should be getting a great boat.

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As martinc says, the likely problems will be the timber innards.

If the floor is soft it will most likely around the seats so give the seat pedestals a good reef and check if the leverage generated bends the floor.

Look closely at the transom. Is there stuff screwed into the transom such as a berley bucket, external bilge, transducer or other fixtures and fittings? This is a common way water gets in so you'd want to look very closely. Look for brown stains that look like rust (that's rotting timber).

Assuming it's an inboard, water will get in around the leg as well.

An old boat will almost certainly have some deterioration of the structure, it's a function of age. Water only has to get in once and the process of dry rot or wet rot starts. All this stuff is fixable BUT if you are buying a project boat then pay a project boat price (i.e. SFA). It the boat is structually sound then pay the respective higher price. Just don't pay full ticket and find you have a project boat on your hands, especially if fixing boats is not your thing.

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Thanks everybody for the adviice, checked all the things u advised me on.

all seemed ok.Its my first boat and your help was great.It was an inboard but has a pod

with a 225hp evinrude,went for a test drive and it flies. Will try and post a pic soon

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