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Botany Bay


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after not getting any sleep due to the party last night the wife decieded not to go out today so i headed out solo and hit the water at 5:30.

straight up to moulineux point and into the trevs. after boating 4 in rapid time things quietend down for me (no bait on board just the pillies i had for burley)

a boat full of blokes about 20 mtrs away useing either squid or prawns cleaned up on the trevs, (and must have gone close to putting away a carton :beersmile: )

i moved over to the cans and boated a few legal length lizards but released them all as they were very thin, a few yaka's for the burley pot for next trip a small occy (kept for bait) countless small reds and a very large and feisty banjo.

it was a lumpy windy day made more uncomfortable by people drifting over anchor lines, other people drifting through anchored boats and fouling lines and others trying to fish in peoples pockets.

but were eating fish tonight, i'm on my 4th beer and it beats the hell out of working. :thumbup:

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