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Help Tying Knot For Boat Anchor


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i need help finding a knot!

I'll explain this as best I can..........

It's kind of difficult( not impossible) to get to the bow of my boat( mostly because I am a large gumbified unit).

I would like to throw my anchor off and tie it to the bow( with a knot I can easily undo), then lead some rope back to either side of the boat to tie of securely.

Basically i wouldn't have a problem getting back to the bow to pull the anchor up in calm weather, but any sort of swell would make it pretty difficult.

Is there some kind of slip knot that I could use on the bow,where I could just pull from the side of the boat and release the knot???????

If that made no sense it's one of four reasons

1 I've been on the :beersmile:

2 I'm semi ****** half illiterate

3 see #1

4 i can't remember what the hell four was

thanks for the help

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I have the same issue getting to the bow of my boat for the same reasons!!!

I have a rope that is tied to the bollard on the bow and comes around the side of the cabin to the deck where it's cleated off. At the end of this rope I have a snap clip.

My anchor and rope are kept in a crate at the stern and I chuck the anchor over the side, play out enough line and tie a double figure 8 knot in the anchor line. I then clip the snap clip onto the figure 8 knot and chuck the while lot over the side and let out more line until it comes up tight.

When I retrieve I pull in the anchor line until I get to the snap clip, unclip it, untie the figure 8 knot and then pull in the remaining line.

The advantage is that I don't have to climb through the hatch to anchor or retrieve. The disadvantages are that really accurate anchoring difficult as you have to guess exactly when the slack will be taken up i.e. you can't just keep letting out line at bit at a time until you drift over the right spot. The other disadvantage is retrieving in a fast current as the boat tends to turn side on.

I hope this makes sense!!!

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