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need a good land based spot in sydney


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hi all

i am in need of a good land based spot in sydney harbour(preferably middle harbour). would any of you fellow raiders care to share some spots where you can catch bread and butter fish or maybe even a king. me and a mate are planing to go out on sunday and we where going to go out on kayaks but his does not arrive till next week. so plan b is to go land based and try our luck. we where thinking balmoral wharf but that gets a bit packed on the weekend but if al does not work out then we might go to balmoral. if posable could you also tell me the best way to fish that spot

any help will be much appreciated.

kind regards


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If you have a look at google maps you can find many spots accessible by land, generally people hold onto good spots that don't get packed because theyre pretty hard to find these days. That's being said spots like balmoral, Clifton gardens and pier 2 still produce good fish you've just got to fish light, no heavier than 10lb and unweighted if possible then float your baits down a burley trail. Goodluck!

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Down the bottom of the cliffs at Diamond Bay reserve Dover Heights is a good spot. Bit tricky to get down though. Ladders is another good spot.

EDIT: Just saw your preference for middle harbour. Not sure sorry.

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