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Need help choosing the right batteries


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Hey all been having dramas with my batteries lately and thought its time for a upgrade. Wats happenning is when i chase bait threw the night and decide to achor up to get some shut eye for 4 or 5 hours i leave everything off except the bait tank and wake up and the battery or batteries are dead (depending if i remember to switch it to one or both batteries). Also if i do drain one batteries just the one battery most the time dies trying to start really needs both batteries to get it going. My motor is a yamaha v4 115hp. Ive notice the batteries that are there now arent deepcycle .i dont mind getting bigger batteries then they need so im certain i wont need to call marine rescue anymore again any help would be great

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If you have a one good battery and one bad one, then the bad one will steal all the power from your good

one, depending on how they are connected.

When you have your outboard running, check the battery with a multi-meter. It should be reading 13.x volts

which means that your alternator is charging your battery.

Do you charge your batteries after/before a trip out?

Batteries have a finite life, and depending on how they are used, it can be short or long.

Have a look ant let us know what batteries you've currently got. Important thinks to look for

are is the bit that CCA, if it is a starting battery and A/HR if it is a deep cycle. I'm guessing you knly have starting batteries.

I can't see a deep cycle going flat after a few hours, unless you are plugging in a kettle or something lime that!

I had a look at the specs for a 1500GPH bilge pump which you might have in a live bait tank. It draws 4.8 amps, this means if you have a 120AMP hour battery (deep cycle) in theory you could run it for 25 hours, (120/4.8). You don't get that. Sounds like you have a flat.stuffed car battery ;-)

Anyway, let us know what you have and more experiance people than me can tell you what the problem is

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On the dash when im driving it ready 13.8 to 14.4 but the live bait tanks kills em in a few hours and once i had both batteries fully charged and went to start it with only one battery and it rurned over 4 times then it was dead .ill habe to go see wat batteries i have in there now but i no they not deepcycle is it better to run 2 deepcycle or just one

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Ok, so that sounds like your charging system is good but

your batteries are on the way out. Typically you have a

starting battery and a deep charge battery.

Start the boat on the starting battery and run the

electronics on the deep cycle, Do you have one of those

1 2 both off switches?

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I would run with 2 x N70's, We have a pair of Deep Cycle N70's on the shelf at present, Adrian will do you a great deal on one of those, I would match it with a N70 start battery. Would also be doing away with the 1 - 2 - BOTH battery switch and running 2 Battery switches. 1 for the start and 1 for the house.

Run the motor off the start and everything else off the house Deep Cycle.

BEP do a bank of switches, Start, House, Emergency Parralled and Smart Charge Relay.

It is my personal preference on how to set up dual batteries.

We can supply that and would even cut and crimp battery leads to size.

We have just finished setting Adrian's Boat up exactly this way, have a chat to him.

Roadrunner 9607 5774

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