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Harbour Blackfishing Session Today.

Ron Howes

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Had an early start at daybreak at Vaucluse with Poohbear, have not fished this location for about 6 weeks.

Burleyed plenty with beautiful weed collected from ocean pools from Kurnell and fished hard for two and a half hours.

Not even a bite, not one down. Got a call from a mate Johnno, that the fish were biting at Hunters Hill. So we pack up

and relocated. The blackfish at Hunters Hill loved this stringy Kurnell weed and the three off us started getting stuck into them.

The wirey weed was hard to attach to hook and needed to be plaited or we were continually being baited.

Johnno also landed a nice sized salmon and a flounder before Poohbear and I got there.

The lower harbour is starting to fire up for blackfish now after the big fresh switched them off.




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