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Sydney offshore 22/11/15


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Hi all

Left the marina around 6am and straight to botany bay fad. Trolled a couple of times for zero so decided to head to 12 mile. Half way the long rigger went off. After about 10mins we landed our first mahimahi for the season. Hi fives all round. It measured 105cm and 7kg. Biggest one we caught so far. Dinner sorted. Decided to trolled the area hoping for more but got no more takers so decided to head to the shelf. Trolled back and forth to 12 mile bb wide but we didnt get anymore hook ups. There were some stripe tuna around but the hook keeps coming off. Back at the marina around 4pm. Home around 7pm. Thanks for reading.



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Nice work! Beautiful fish they are and great on the BBQ too! What was the water temp you found out on the shelf and where you caught the mahi?

Cheers scratchie!!!

Water temp was between 21c to 23c...caught the mahi halfway between 12mile and the shelf...middle of nowhere...

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cheap vodka, tequila or any cheap alcohol, just pour a little on its gills it kills them in about 2 seconds, it sends them catatonic, its good if you want to take photos, the fish still has it colors and its dead

plus I'm sure its nicer way for the fish to die, drunk!

Now that's the way I want to be put down!!!!! :drunk:

Thanks for the tip.

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