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The stars align


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It's not often I get to fish 2 days in a row, but last night the stars aligned.So I met a couple of the boys down on stones just before sunset.

The action was very slow, with a 20cm trevally being the benchmark to beat for about 2 hours. I switched to a lure, a big blade, which was picking up weed virtually every cast, so that came off, rigged up again, then the fish came on the bite.

Ben scored a legal trevally, and not long after, a very nice tarwhine, all the while kickin' it old school with the timber alvey reel. Then my run came on, scoring 3 whiting.




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Sorry to break the news to you guys, but that's the flash off the camera that's illuminating everything like that.

But in saying that,my head lamp is a waterproof model,it's princeton tec. I spent a bit of money and got a decent lamp because salt was ruining one every second session, iv had it for 2 years now.

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Good catch. Best eating fish u got there. By the way what brand and model is your headlights?

Mine is a Petzl. If you go for that brand, get the one that also has the LED low power option when you dont need really bright light.

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Also run LED lenser headlamps, I have 3 different types.
All of them work just as good as each other, But the bigger ones suck the batteries.

For a full waterproof, Corrosion proof option I would look at a Pelican brand. We used the EX rated ones, All poly carbonate - But you do sacrifice some light for it.

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