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Social - Brown's Rock and Dolls Point


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Sunday came around again and decided to take some friends and another raider "AlaskaJeff" out for a fish.

Started the day fairly late around 8pm at Brown's Rock. The top ridge was full as but the lower ledge only one guy so we perched up there. The tide was on it's way out so we only had a few hours of decent fishing at this spot.

Got the burley sorted and started tackling my friends up when Jeff hooks into a fairly big lizard but unfortunately gets chomped off just after my cry of "We've sorted dinner already!".

The next few hours saw my friends miss a few on bait and then on a retrieve in a squid has clamped onto the piece of pilchard we had. Jeff quickly rigged a squid Jig up and dropped it in and the Squid jumped on. Jeff should have pictures if he uploads them.

I see what people mean now about Brown's and the mess. The lower ledge had a few tuna tins and hook packets etc laid around. I picked as much as I could up and took it away when we left. Bonus side of this I managed to get two new leads out of the process. Instant karma!?!

Around lunch we moved down to dolls point and after some lunch started up again. The tide was coming in and conditions weren't really perfect but we managed to catch an octopus, to the amazement of Jeff and my mates. We also got a tailor and some small reddies.

I hear it's meant to be good around there for flatties, one of the reasons I chose this area. Couldn't seems to get stuck into them on bait or lures. We were around the sail club beach and it looks a gun place for them there. Anyone got any areas that produce regularly near to there?

But all in all was a great day out and enjoyed helping a few people catch some fish and have some fun catch and releasing.

P.S. No one-eyed snakes ventured out at Brown's, think the colder weather may put them off due to shrinkage issues. :1worthy:

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