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Sydney Harbour 23/11/15


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So after a fairly long hiatus over winter, I've just been starting to get back into the swing of things over the past month or two. Haven't really had too many post worthy captures but thought yesterday would be a decent place to start.

With conditions looking ideal, my hopes were perhaps slightly exaggerated but it was a good morning nonetheless... Got down to my spot with a mate around 5am and got underway burleying for some yakkas.

No such luck for about 45 minutes, so I asked my mate to drive to watsons bay to get some and bring back - thankfully he duly obliged.

While he was gone I had a crack for some squid but only managed two little ones.

Half an hour later he got back with livies in the bucket, and we both sent one out in haste. While we had the livies out we were also sending unweighted prawns down a bread burley trail, which quite bizarrely didn't get touched all morning - not even a little pinkie?

Thankfully the yakkas did some work and after about 40 minutes of being in the water, my rod started to bounce. I readied myself before my rod totally keeled over. The drag was already just about locked, and I barely managed to even get it out of the rod holder on the jetty. What transpired over he next 20/30 seconds was something I've never experienced... This thing stripped line off like nothing I've ever seen, nearly spooling me before taking me around a mooring.

Though I was obviously disappointed to lose a fish of that magnitude, it was a fairly humbling experience having never hooked up to something so powerful. Big big hoodlum.

Anyway another 40 minutes later it's my mates turn, another stonker but he managed to stay connected for a good 6-7 minutes - though he barely made any ground. Certainly some big boys around.

Our final take of the morning was a consolation prize - (my first legal king actually) at just over 67cm. He had a few friends following him into the jetty too but had run out of bait.

To put the first fish into perspective, this one literally didn't even strip an inch of drag in comparison to the other one nearly spooling me. If only I got a look!!

Made a beautiful ceviche out of the king with pineapple, home pickled onions and a few other bits and pieces - was delish.



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There are definitely some decent kings to be caught landbased. Mate caught a 99cm specimen off a wharf a few weeks back. Rubbed on to the pylons a few times when it got close to the wharf but his 60lb leader managed to survive (only just) before another bloke netted it. I've caught 3 over the last month as well ranging from 70-85cm. Funilly enough, the 70cm fish gave me more of a hard time than the others...

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thanks guys. this one was on a sustain 4000 w/ 30lb to 30lb leader, which I thought would stop most* fish, but I'll probably have to invest in some 50lb for one of my other reels. and some heavy duty leader I guess...

fingers crossed I'll cross paths with another one soon

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