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Sydney 24-11-2015

Scent Blazer Lures

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I went trolling from 8am until 2pm yesterday, wanted to test a new lure in development. 3.5 inch lure you put bait in the head, it imitates white bait or a small squid. I put the lures in around 5 miles out in 21, water was a nice deep blue even close. I found a fish trap about 6 miles out, there were tiny little Dolphin Fish jumping all around it. Did a couple of passes and hooked 2 on the new lure, but they both managed to shake free. These fish were really small, maybe 12”

I caught 3 Mack Tuna and 2 Striped Tuna between 6 miles out and the shelf all on the new lure and nothing on the larger lures. Lots of temp breaks, currents and blue water all the way out and found water as high as 22 along the shelf.

On the radio I heard about 3 boats wide of the Browns saying it was pretty lifeless out there and they hadn’t gotten anything at all. I’d run one really small lure in your spread if your heading out. The fish I got were spewing out tonnes of white bait.

Good luck




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Nice work getting out Pete. Might be worth getting out and pulling a daisy of tiny white skirts.

I'm keen to put some of those lures I got from you to good use.

yeah for sure, that's what I was thinking, chain them up

I've been taking note of the fish we catch stomach contents, even 20kg + dollies have really small fish inside them, the size of that lure and even smaller. The Bluefin we caught last year was full small fish 3-4 inches long. I will be probably running at least one in the spread at all times from now on. An elephant will eat a peanut.

that lure is a prototype, I have to make a few changes to the lure before I get them manufactured, the chamber is very small, its hard to put the bait in, so I will get them to bore it out a little more and get a 3D eye socket on it, I should have them available in a couple of months

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