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Quiet Morning

Krispy !

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Decided to head out for a fish this morning with the conditions looking mint but it was a last minute decision and had no bait. No excuses i packed up the rods with a plan tonget some squid before first light and managed a few which was good.


Sent a couple out on sunrise and didnt take long to hookup to a solid king but it earnt its freedom by getting to structure, after that it was a very very very long 3 hours till the next hookup at around 9am where a king whacked a dead squid as they had all died since. The king went 65cm, into the esky. Kept fishing for a while with strips of squid and managed a nice juicy 36cm flounder. It died off again and since i had a feed already i called it quits at around 1030.


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Nice i have had no luck on the kings or squid lately weather i was in the hacking sydney or hawksbury just poop each time

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Keep at it BigRod, theyre around :)

Krispy, you gotta get me a job where you work haha

You're always fishing!

Got a feed, and your blood pumping at least.

Hahaha thanks fishingphase, that's advantage of working part time I guess :P

As usual... you've done it again!

Good work Krispy.

Thanks fragmeister

Nicely done Krispy,

Thats a great flounder & congrats on another king!! well done.



Cheers Nathan!

Good work there Krispy, a good sized flounder as a bonus.

Thanks yowie, yeah it was very decent size for a flounder

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Love how your "quiet" morning still involves getting a good kingy (some of us out there have yet to manage a legal one ya know!) and a nice fat flounder. ;) Cracking work as usual.

Thanks adamski :D i guess i shouldn't be complaining haha

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Sensational stuff as usual Krispy :thumbup:

Congratulations on a great catch!!

I wouldn't call that a quite morning either.

Thanks for sharing and keep up the top work.

All the best


Thanks Ian!

Well done Krispy!

Nothing better than having a bucket of live squid at sunrise!

Thanks Rex, Too true, live squid is a must if you want kings consistently

Well done King Krispy.....

Man I had my first fish in a month last weekend for zip.

Keep killing it Kareem :)

I get it Krispy Kareem

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Thanks RocknBeach! ahhahahahahahaha yeah you got it thats for sure!

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