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How to inspect a fiberglass boat for soft / Transom issues


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Hi All

Looking for tips and tricks on how to inspect a hull - Transom and floor in a fiberglass.

A mate is looking at a couple and so he narrow it down before getting it professionally inspected we were hoping to use these to remove anything semi obvious.

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Old trick is a simple tap test. Take a 20c coin and tap the area of fibreglass you are suspicious is wet/delaminating or damaged. http://themarinesurveyors.com/why-we-tap-your-hull/ I've used the method to test radomes on aircraft. It's the simplest and cheapest NDT test known. You need to listen for a change in sound. Ric.

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Around the transom when tapping it should sound solid. Problem areas will sound hollow. You will hear the difference if there is a problem. As for floors, in my opinion you will find bad floors bounce/Spring a bit.

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