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    I saw a guy hit a large tree (Bigger than a telegraph pole) in the Hawkesbury River at full speed and it only cracked the housing, i was glad i was following him up the river.
  2. I am a bit like you i can usually fix my stuff and i have a mate who couldn't tell you which end of the screwdriver to use, but if you tell him, you have $10k to invest he will boggle your mind with data and spreadsheets and is an awesome financial planner. He is my Ying and im his Yang, i fix his stuff or tell him who to see, and he makes me $$$ with the odd spare dollar i have. Match made in heaven
  3. I had similar on my Stacer, 1. used white Vinegar to kill the mold 2. Pulled everything out and gave them a vinegar spray and clean, 3. Then used a carpet cleaner foaming spray from Woollies, like what Frank posted 4. I hired a Steam cleaner from Woollies, did the kids rooms, then used it on the cars and finally on the boat 5. Left in the sun to dry out I found a Gerni left to much water and takes to long to dry, maybe if you had a aqua vac, then it would be ok.
  4. I have a 2016 V4 115hp and need a Exh Actuator, i have the rebuild kit, was hoping to rebuild one and then swap mine out.
  5. Can you fit a thick screwdriver or piece of metal to stop the nut spinning?
  6. There is also a new Scan Pan in the bay at Taronga Zoo, was cooking the kids Bacon & Eggs when a slight wave made the pan slide straight off the bait board and into the water. Happy to say after getting home and washing the boat, i ducked out to the shops and bought another new Scan pan.
  7. This don't trust a normal GP, i did and it nearly cost me dearly. I had a BCC to the 2nd derma, lucky all sorted now
  8. My kids tinny with a 15hp yamaha had a genuine connector on the aftermarket fuel tank and aftermarket fitting going to the motor I ended up switching them around as it never quite fit correctly and no problems since
  9. Spent plenty of time at Green Cape light house as we did the refurb of the lighthouse (Concrete repair and replace the channel the lighthouse glass was sitting in and inside / outside the cottages some timber repairs, so replacing the verandah supports and repair / resurfacing the floorboards, including saving every nail which were made by the convicts. One of the nicer places my employer sent me, except for the extra-large kangaroo who would stay near the generator and scare the proverbial out of you when you had to go and refuel in the dark of winter once the solar batteries ran out.
  10. jeffb5.8

    Cruise holidays

    We are a travel family, and it was passed on to me from my parents, told to leave home and go see the world and my wife was travelling when i met her, even though she is a aussie. I have cruised 3 times now and the 4th is only weeks away, We only cruise with Royal Carribean and prefer to pay a little extra to hopefully avoid the old RSL on water type boats, also from others who have cruised with other brands, RC service is better, less kids, better food and dining options and a great selection of Activities and Bars. We like it for fact you're on holidays 1hr after you leave home, no plan trips, long drives and hassle. We have travelled extensively with and without kids, i think last count my wife and i have visited 28 countries for 3 days or more, we don't count just overnighters. Cruise 1 Just us as a family, 3 little kids was great enjoyed the Islands, but said no more unless we have a small group of friend or family to share the trip with Cruise 2 a family joined us, and they had kids the same age, was great as the kids are all respectful and well behaved, no running amuck, but still being kids and having fun Cruise 3 Same family plus another family came along and had a great time, kids were now ranging from 5yrs up to 13yrs (9 kids in total) Next Cruise there is 5 families going and 14 kids ranging from 7yrs to 17yrs, will report back.
  11. Not a great ramp and the wharf is even worse as its fixed, not floating and gets very slimy, then you have a river cat running close by, so, if you a going solo you have to time it your launch / retrieve correctly otherwise the wash will hammer your boat while you're getting your trailer.
  12. I have heard of two others doing aimilar 1. a guy asked his dad to fill the boat while he went to the toilet and then to pay, when he went to the cashier he said pump X and almost died when she said $170 he asked how that could be with a 70ltr tank. Went out to find his boat full of fuel as his dad use the rod holder. 2. boat at Birkenhead marina did the same this filled his boat with 60ltrs of fuel before realizing.
  13. Hi You do want the keel roller to be higher, 1. Replace the 200mm high brackets with 300mm high, just make sure you also buy the correct spindle and keel roller to suit, if your old ones are worn out.
  14. Hey Fab I have the same issue with the Row Locks (Oar Holders) on my daughter tinny, they are right where i step out onto the trailer mudguard.
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