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Prisoners escape


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Have been getting some evening weekend fishes In with a mate, with out managing to disrupt the home/family/work flow.

Got to the stones about 10 with a bag of worms and some prawns. Off the bat my first 2 casts I got 2 fish, 2 legal whiting which put up a bit of a fight in the swell, then not much, went quiet for a bit. I went to check on my whiting in the keeper net and...

The prisoners had escaped!

I went on to inspect the keeper net and had discovered the fish had escaped through a hole I didn't pick up on. In saying that, it's not the first time and it probably won't be the last.

At this point the spot we were fishing was getting smashed by swell, and the activity dropped right off, so we shuffled up a bit, reset and started fishing. We managed a good blackie, good bream and a tarwhine on fish steroids.




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