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spots for first kingfish middle harbour


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hi all

i am still new to kayak fishing and am wondering if anyone has some good kayak spots in middle harbour for kingfish there whiling to share. I was thinking around the spit bridge and surrounding area for kingfish or may be even sugarloaf bay. also spots to get bait ie squid, yakkas because i have hear that fresh is best for kings and would like to target them on bait not lures. any info will be greatly appreciated.



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Kings can show up anywhere in MH from what I understand... I've seen them had them around fig tree point, caught one at folley point, and have had them at the spit a few times (been busted off more), but that's all on lures. Some guys who I used to see out frequently who were old heads of the area told me sugarloaf/bantry in the warmer months (Dec onwards) was a good shout. I plan on testing that knowledge this year. Basically, as I understand it, MH is a fruitful system but difficult to predict. I can definitely attest to that - I've had some of my best and worst sessions there.

Bait wise, I'm not knowledgeable at all but I hear the spit produces yakkas well.

To launch, your options are Tunks, Fig tree point (end of coldawin road), or Clontarf. Best bets, anyway. The other launch spots in the area can be a bit tricky...

Good luck!

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