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Hi guys,

I'm heading up around port stephens this weekend and will be taking the yak out plenty (read all the advice Scratchie has offered others historically - thank you!). I think the missus might not be keen to be on the yak all day, but will be OK if we head to the beach where I can wet a line as she suns herself.

We're staying at Mungo brush, and the beach is right next door. I have a 4x4 and would love to take it on the sand to just make life a bit easier. I'm not looking at travelling miles or doing anything crazy - I just want to get to a spot that's alright for fishing. I can see the access points etc., but...

I've never driven on sand before!

How easy/difficult is it? Anything I should know/be prepared for? I've checked online and the advice is geared towards people doing mental things whereas I just want to drive along the beach a little bit, like 1 or 2km, tops... Don't really want to kit myself out for a huge adventure on the dunes...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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You need to drop your tyre pressure to about 16psi to drive on sand also hand to pick up a electric pump you can plug in to a 12v plug with sand just take it easy you dont want to get bogged you can pick up everything you need from bcf

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Years ago you needed a permit to drive on the beach don't' know if you still do in the area (worth checkin out) Steer clear of Samurai beach plenty of white pointers especially on the sand .LOL

It'd be better if there were more bronze whalers than white pointers

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Big rod is correct. Tyre pressure between 16-20psi depending on vechile. Is yours a 4wd or all wheel drive? Big big difference. Those beaches up that way can be very difficult to negotiate the entrances and the beach itself has some steep drop offs. Also be careful of the shore dumps. Besides all that, there can be some great fishing up that way and your also a chance of bagging a few prawns as well.

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Staying at Mungo Brush he's on the wrong end of P.S for Stockton. Thats up past Hawkes Nest / Tea Gardens way. I was staying at the next campsite up (Dee's corner) last weekend. Chased whiting in the gutters off the beach with live worms for hours at different times of day...Barely even a bite! All of the other guys I spoke to at the camp had nothing either (they were using pipis).

As for beach driving, from the access point just past Mungo Brush you can only turn left and drive north up the beach. From there you can go about 9km up the beach until you get to a little headland with rocks. It would be worth throwing a line in up at that end if you can because I had bugger all.

It is easy enough but there's a few things to keep in mind. As mentioned drop your tyre pressure and get at least a basic recovery kit. Snatch strap, shackles and a shovel. Find out where the recovery points on your vehicle are, not tow hooks or tow ball. If you do happen to get bogged and you cant dig yourself out, other 4 wheel drivers are usually more than happy to help pull you out but it can be stretching the friendship to expect them to pull out their recovery gear. Aim to go on the dropping tide as wet sand is usually hard sand and you want to give yourself plenty of time. Don't go over 40km/hr, wear a seat belt and drive over previous tracks where possible. When you stop, park perpendicular to the beach facing down towards the water, it will make taking off easier.

Other than that have fun! Looks like you're gonna get much better weather than what we did...

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