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Tides for Jewfish


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Really keen to get a jew on SP's at lake illawarra near the bridge where I've known a few to catch some big ones with SP's.

Just a question with the tides is it better to fish starting with the run in or run out?


For example here on Thursday would it be best to fish within the last hour of the the run out and the first hour of the run in 9:15-11:15? or is it better to target them at high tides? Just haven't had much luck lately.

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Every area fishes differently especially for the elusive jew. For my area, the best time on my favorite spot is 2hr before low until low especially if it coincides with a low light period. The other spot I have is best 1hr either side of high tide. Remember, fish are creatures of habit too, so once you crack the code. Try and replicate those conditions and you will be more successful.

Hope that helps!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Your best opportunity will be at the front of the tide ie first of the run in or last of the run out, and fish in the eddies behind the bridge pylons.

I'd take some pretty solid gear as there is weed by the tonne running out of the lake at moment

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