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Hi Radiers,

I thought some of you may be interested in this.

I have been using this wonderful device (below) for about 12 months to monitor the deep freezer in my shed which holds

vac packed fish, meat, burley and bait. My place is a bit of a hub for family get togethers and with two teenagers at home there is a big demand in the protein department so there is a considerable investment in the contents of the freezer.


This little device just plugs into the circuit running the freezer. You buy a $2 sim and charge it with 20 bucks and the credit lasts about 12 months. When the power goes down, it sends a text message to your phone. When it comes back up it sends you another one.

You can also switch on or off the 240 Volt outlet on the front of the unit by sending a text message to it. Very Groovy!

A couple of days ago I was at work and I got the message at about 1 pm that the power went off so I just called the young fella when he got home from school and asked him to reset the circuit breaker. A few minutes later I got the message on my phone that the power was restored.

The freezer is on a separate circuit to the house so it is quite likely that I would not have noticed if the power was down for days so this little beauty just paid for itself. Cost about $120



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