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Finally cracked the 1m Jew - Twice!


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nice work mate! is that beach 4WD access only?



Nah not at all, there are plenty of beach access points on the southern end where these were caught. You can 4WD from Awabakal Street going north - I don't have a 4WD though so I stick to the southern end.

Well done mate! Were the goldfish flakes a secret ingredient in your recipe? :-)



Keep it down Marty I'm auditioning for Master Chef next year.

Nah just something green for catch of the month, the prize pack looks awesome as I don't usually buy the good gear, fingers crossed!

Well done mate,Heart in your mouth stuff if they were on a whiting hook.

Yeah for sure!

Luckily I had ran out of the skinny ones I usually use and settled for the 1/0 baitholder (which I have renamed jewholder).

I was more concerned about the 15lb line though as it's been on the reel for ages and not looked after very well.

I was also very lucky as the two bigger ones both hooked themselves and stayed hooked (I just ran to them like a maniac as the rod bucked over!)

Nicely done!! Beautiful gutter in the background there. So you caught them in daylight?

Yep in full daylight mid afternoon right on high tide

Cheers, James

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Well done mate, so glad to hear the Jews are firing at Blacksmiths. Its one of my fav beaches fior fishing. Do you know if the permit has been enforced along the beach as yet?

Not sure about the permits sorry mate, I only fish on the southern side (Blacksmiths) as I don't own a 4WD.

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awesome mate, after all that time, you'd be over the moon

Cheers Mate

I'm still going on about it, and will be for some time haha. It was just a weird day, after targeting them so many times and coming home with absolutely nothing then get these ones whilst whiting fishing??? No idea what to try next!

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Nice, way to go on the jews!

You'll be dreaming about that afternoon for a while I guarantee.

It's been a couple of weeks and I'm hearing that there have been some crackers caught of a night off Redhead.

Have to get out there again, maybe it will only take 7 years to get one this time Hahaha.

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