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Sydney Harbour Firing up


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G'day Raiders

A quick report, ventured out today with perfect conditions this morning. First out to the FAD was a fail with water temp sitting at 19.5 I don't recommend anyone waste the time/fuel until the warmer water pushes in.

Off to long reef plenty of bait around and saw kings boated ranging from rats to 1m, of course all my efforts were fruitless as I expected !! Frustrated I moved on....

Headed back to sydney harbour and the boys in green stopped me in my tracks - army/Air Force practising off the shore with parachutes dropping every 30 mins or so, they had set up a no entry zone so Headed out to 40m and boated 5 blue spots from 37cm to 42cm which I kept for the table.

On the way in saw about 15 boats sitting in tight formation at north head, literally every boat was hooked up there was a massive school of kings and salmon and they weren't being picky, soft plastics, pilchards, micro jigs, knife jigs it was all happening.

I boated 5 kings and 2 salmon all kings undersized so they went back to fight another day.

Whilst no legals, I think it's a positive sign that Sydney Harbour is about to fire up and looks like this summer season could be a cracker!

Sorry no pics as the phone battery had died.

Was a good day despite my target species (Mahi) being a donut.

Have a good weekend and goodluck to those heading out tomorrow

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