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fishing/ camp trip


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hey all,

anyone have any experience fishing in the shoal haven river ? ive grown up down lake conjola way with a holiday place there but never stopped in nowra way.. boys weekend away and we are looking for a spot to roll the swags out and wake up and go for a fish day / night.. anybody know of a spot on the waters edge i can beach launch the tinny and camp.. with dogs? if not we are looking toward the hawkesbury opposite directions but same things in mind good camp and hopefully great fishing.

tight lines :fishing1:

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Depends on what sort of fish you're targeting. And how far up each system you're fishing. Shoalhaven and the hawkesbury both have great saltwater and fresh water options. As far as individual camping spots I'm not too sure. There are some good spots to camp around wisemans ferry and it can produce nice fish but not sure on the dogs. Other location hawkesbury region to camp bank side would be somewhere along the colo river. One of the best bass rivers in the state.

Not too sure on the shoalhaven region camping wise sorry.

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Honestly don't know . To get to the iisland you need to take the car ferry . When I went many years ago we were land based do a google search quite a bit of info there

Funny story.. Apparently my mate I'm going with has been there many a time! His father and the ferry owner/ driver ( something like that) are good mates! So looks like we will head there for the weekend!

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