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Favourite all round plastic


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Atomic paddle tail 2 1/2 inch using 1/4 oz jig head. Target flathead. By catch flounder whiting Ep pretty much anything that swims in Tuggerah Lakes including choppy tailor ( bastards ) and puffer fish. Boo.

Colour was green gord ( photo ) but they have stopped making that colour.

Black with flecks.

Cheers Steve

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Changes depending on time of the year but at the moment its the squidgy prawn 65mm in cracked pepper fished on a jighead or hidden weight depending on water depth So far in the last few weeks it has accounted for bream whiting EPs flathead tailor trevally and flounder

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I like the classics, Berkley 3 inch Bulky Hawgs in Watermelon or Pumpkinseed, 3 inch Bass Minnows in smelt or watermelon, 3 inch Gulps in just about any design.

Interesting to note that plastics are making up less and less of my preferred lure choice. Blades/vibes and cranks are spending more time in the water with me lately and seem to produce good results because they give out vibrations that are much stronger than plastics.

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Being the original tackle junkie I use whatever caught my eye in the tackle shop when I was there last. I regularly use Squidgy Wriggler, Squidgy Pro Slick Rig, and Squidgy Fish, as well as Zman Paddle Tailz. But by far my go-to soft plastic is Berkley Minnow Grub in Camo, Pepper Prawn or Pumpkin Seed.

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