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Hi raiders

Due to the cancellation of a family get together, to my wife's displeasure an opportunity arose to go fishing, so quickly grabbed my gear and took off before she could change her mind.

I get to the bait shop and guess what? Wallet is at home. I was on the verge of aborting the mission, but was able to scrape together $14.35 from the ashtray, door trim and drink holder, so I grabbed some prawns and a Loaf of bread. Obstacle avoided, off we go.

I gets down to the rocks, water was extremely low but the swell was pounding the headlands producing some good wash. Set my gear down and get ready to rig up and guess what? No hooks, yes you read right, no hooks. I look in the bottom of my bag I find 1 hook, lucky for me I was meeting one of the boys down there and he was to arrive shortly.

So we rig up and get fishing, 10 minutes in I get totally owned by a black drummer which wedged himself in a crevice under my feet, POP! Goes the line. Next up Mick got into some trevally which came in at about 40cm, what a great sports fish, and not to bad to eat. He also got a good pig. Zero for me

Anyway, it was becoming dark so we moved to a higher ledge, the swell was already knee height and the tide was rising. We get to the next ledge and Mick is into another 40cm trevally, a few fish later, Mick is on 3 trevs and a pig, and all iv got is a tarwhine.

Things went a bit quiet so I started munching on a slice of bread that didn't make it to the burley bucket. As I'm munching the rod loads up, my brain switches off and I start winching after a few seconds the fish spits the bait and iv wound about 10 rounds of line onto this bread I was eating. Couldn't help myself, cracked up laughing, then Mick casts and before he could turn his reel back to winding position, WOOSHKA! A fish has grabbed it and taken off causing a massive tangke, I was still cracking up from the bread incident when this happened, so I just kept laughing because it looked like he was trying to fly fish with an alvey. At the end of it was another beast trevally.

The session was drawing to a close, Mick found a red Rock crab which gave me 2 baits, first half flew off while casting, second half goes on. I gently lob it in, no crap, half a minute later I had a take, I'm thinking "YES! GOPER". Wind Wind Wind Wind, fling it up on the rocks, turn the headlight on, what is it? 2.5kg of dirty wirrah...

Anyway, that was that, had a fish, had a laugh, couldn't ask for anything else.




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Thats a good story!

I suspect most us have forgotten something and had to improvise to keep the fishing trip alive.

That's fishermen for you!

Sounds like you had a great time.

I did have a great time mate, totally unscripted and all panned out ok in the end. Just hanging to get out again.

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