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Broken Bay

Day's Fishin

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We had the day off so decided to try our luck around the mouth of the Hawkesbury.

After 1odd hour without a nudge we decided to try a spot we know for flounder.

No Flounder but 14 good size Whiting.

We noticed bird activity so we moved over to find a large school of salmon.

We threw everything at them for 2 only.

Sick of fish ignoring us we tried closer to the ramp for 1 keeper lizard, 1 x 52cm soapie.

All in all not to bad, whiting fillets for dinner tonight.


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Great stuff on the whiting. What sort of retrieval were you using? Just a constant wind in?

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Casting just past them and a slow wind through. At first we did not know what they were. Couldn't see what they were eating, must have been about 40 or so of them.

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