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Rapala X-Rap


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Hi all,

Was looking at getting into some lures this summer down at JB over the holidays and have been doing a bit of reading but wouldnt mind some feedback.

I'll be mainly boat based and chasing kingies. Ive read a lot of good things about the rapala xrap lures and inparticular the slashbaits (sxr14). Just curious to know if these are suitable for kingies and ths likes. Also would they be any good off the beach or breakwalls?


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Slashbaits are very light and are not going to give you a great deal of distance of the beach and rock. Great for off the boat if you can find then feeding near the surface.

If you were using a lure off the rocks or surf you'd be better of with a X-Cast lure which come in two sizes and are weighted to give greater casting distance

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