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19/12 spit area


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Hello mate,

Not great, not awful. The launch spot is a bit of a bugger, as Krause found out :risata:

Straight away at launch, Krause found himself sitting on top of a massive shoal of Kingies. He went to get some livies to try for them while Rod and I swung in to the bay. Picked up some little snapper and a leather jacket - I moved in further to the bay for some bream and flatties. Rod moved round to join Krause.

The Kingies won 3 - 0, with Krause getting hammered twice and Rod unfortunately being busted right at boatside. He was not a happy bunny! I managed a nice bream (34) and a reasonable flattie (~50).

Nice morning on the water though. Rod took great pleasure in pointing out that the wind was, as he predicted, not a problem!

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You guys launch at Clontarf Reserve? Might have seen you there me and a few mates went out in the Hobies too. Harsh day for us found the fish on the sounders but couldn't get a solid set on the micro jigs or plastics. Ended up peddling all the way round middle head and back for only a couple of missed strikes and sergeant bakers!

Let me know if you're heading out again always keen :)

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