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Very new to lures and plastics


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I have always (for years) fished with bait, never used a lure or plastics.

I fish mainly in waters 20 to 60 meters deep and often around reef areas in search of the old snapper.

I'm keen to fish in different depths and locations and chase other species.

I have been doing a lot of thinking and researching about lure, soft plastic and trolling around the oceans.

I'm now keen to give lures, plastics and trolling a good go.

My question are (and I'm aware it's personal choice)

1. What lures

2. What plastics

3. Suggestions on trolling techniques and locations (out of Sydney and South)

I am aware there are very broad questions, but need to start somewhere

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Your right

Its a very broad question, Depends what your targeting

Big shads and paddle tail plastics will account for a lot of species if you fish them correctly. Drifting them down a good berley trail can bag you anything from snapper to kingfish and tuna.

Throwing stick baits at working schools or bommies, or other structure is also another good way to hook up with kings and Mahi Mahi.

Trolled hard bodies and skirted lures can produce kings, mahi mahi tuna and just about any other pelagic fish.

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Snapper - 5,7 and even ten inch jerk shads zmans all sorts of colours and with jig heads as light as you can get away with the tt head locks are perfect for the zmans, best way to fish them is to drift and cast as long as you can towards where you are drifting, takes some time knowing when you are on the bottom and just slow roll or little flicks, most times the snapper will hit the plastics on the drop so braid is critical and you need to watch your line at all times sometimes the strike can be as little as the line moving off a little bit quicker or a little flick

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Adding to what the other guys have mentioned, carry a good range of jighead sizes to ensure you are fishing the bottom. The Owner Nitro jigheads are a good one that i know of. I find the 3/0 hook size to be quite versatile and just carry the different weights to suit conditions on the day.

There is alot of different lures you could try and they all work, but definitely carry a few chrome slugs and if you are only trolling them, they may as well have skirts...they work on alot of different species and are cheap to replace until you get the hang of it and feel brave enough to tie a $60 stick bait on.

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