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Fishing South Head


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Is it easy to get live bait from the rocks there?

Is it worth sending a live bait out off the rocks?

Whats the best time to go and what are you looking at getting..

Sorry im used to throwing livies out a forster for Tuna, havent done much in the harbour..

Any help would be much appreciated... :thumbup::15:

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Gidday Faulks,I have fished at south Head several times and can say that if you want to go live baiting ,I might suggest going south a bit further.the ledges there are hard to fish in anything short of S.F.A swell,anything more and it can get lethal .There is some awsome ledges south of there at the place called the "Eaves",trouble is you need to abseil in and out.I might suggest that you try at a place called "Julien",this is just south of maroubra and the access is good,there is a good chance of crossing paths with a wayward king there.Not knowing if you have experience on the sandstone rocks off sydney makes me a little wary to go into to great a detail,just suffice to say,go and visit the tackle shop at Bronte.The guys there are good and they can give you some good information along with the maps etc.

A good book is the one called "top fishing spots".Let us know how you go.

Cheers Simon

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A bit of an update for you,I had a good yak with a work mate today,he said that there had been some reports of kings that were taking skipping Gars off the rocks to the north of bronte.

They also mentioned that a yellowfin had also been briefly hooked up as well..........,with the water conditions being the way they were over the later part of the weekend ,It is entirely possible that it was legitimate.


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