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After work Nepean river attempt.


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After reading some of the latest Bass reports, they gave me some inspiration to get out after work. Knock off time couldn't come around quick enough,even more so when the conditions were becoming overcast.

A bit of rain had come across, but was easing off by the time I got there. Undeterred, I got stuck in.

The rain became torrential, my spray jacket had enough, and was no longer keeping me too dry, & shoes and socks became puddles, but I kept at it.

I would of had at least a dozen hits, but just couldn't hook up using a spinner bait, but I wasn't going to be beaten by the weather or the fish! So I stayed varying retrieval speeds, and around an hour of trying, a bass of approximately 20cm was hooked.

I stayed for another half an hour, but the rubbish, and weeds flowing down stream was making things more difficult with fouling the lure with every cast.

So content with one bass, I called it a day.

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Good job would of been trying conditions for sure. I'm happy with one fish anyday. Where abouts in the nepean were you fishing or is it a secret creek spot somewhere.

I'm finding its all about the noise and vibration you put out. Fishing lures aggressively creates more vibration and will bring more attention from fish. Nothing beats a spinner bait or a chunky crank but I'm loving this mouse I got that has upwards facing hooks and you can cast it into anything and simply retrieve it as fast as possible. Definitely suggest adding it to your tackle box.

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Thanks Neil,you're right with what you're saying. I've only recently started chasing bass, and I love it. I need to fish more often than I do.

Not a secret spot Mattfinn, it's off the river walk and through the bush. Looks as though people go there frequently due to rubbish and beer bottles left behind?,but I suspect it's the same people.

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I have seen that type of lure at windsor bait and tackle. I could see the theory, but wasn't sure if it would work.

I don't think I'll doubt those guys again after seeing a post of a bass with a duckling in its throat!

So I think I will add it to the tackle box.

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