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Yakka Running Sinker Rig


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I would hesitate having the sinker straight down on live yakka it needs to be able to swim reasonable freely - at least a 1m trace. You dont want it anchored to the bottom. There are a number of ways to achieve this without using a swivel.

How can I achieve this without a swivel?

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Hi Fishing Maniac,

One option is a plastic running sinker holder that you clip to your main line above your uni knot. If the knot is not large enough to stop it slipping down, simply use a plastic bead available from any tackle store on your main line above your knot. It will stop it sliding down.

Another is the use of a simple rubber band, twisted around your main line above the knot, and attach your sinker to the rubber band - pass the rubber band through the sinker and then loop it back over itself. It wont give you a running sinker but I don't think that really matters.


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