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not completely sure


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Hi raiders, I took my son out totry and get his first Bass. It was tough, and no Bass,so he decided to catch a grasshopper. It barely hit the water and was engulfed by this guy measuring 26cm. My first thoughts were a freshwater herring, but might be an Australian Grayling.


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I can't help with the "official" name for this species but I used to call them Freshwater Herrings. I used to catch a grasshopper, hook it through the very end of its abdomen and throw it in to float along. The "Freshwater Herring" would take them in seconds and were a bit of fun to catch. I often filleted one and put an entire fillet on a large hook rig, targeting Catfish and eels. However, it was fairly common to catch the protected species "Eastern Cod" in the Mann River, on the North Coast...as well as Eel tail Catfish and BIG Eels.

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