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Lake Illawarra 30 /12


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Well Since the Weather Finally came good the Plans were made permission slip signed and Hobie PA14 kayak loaded .

After getting a Hot Tip from the Tackle shop i launched the hobie From the Resort , 6 am came and i was off decided to try a little hole before i made the pedal out to the drop off and i was dying to try the new plastic and on the 6th cast i felt tap tap thump a nice Dusky going 52cm landed after about 20 trys to net him and in to the kill tank with him , with one on baord and the tide running out i made the dash before i got stranded finally got to the drop of first cast with the live prawn plastic bam on again another legal flathead was starting to think i like these plastics , 30 mins went bye and nothing then a familiar tap tap on the wind in and yep a half a plastic left next cast resulted in a little tailor .

Decided to just drift off to the middle of the lake resulted in another 15 flathead ranging from 25cm to 47cm , 36cm flounder , 30 cm whiting .well it was 12 pm and i was burnt started to head back and i could see fish busting up so i pedaled over to find the biggest school of garfish and tailor i have ever seen , well since i had nothing to catch the garfish with i threw plastics at the tailor landed 3 and plastics were just getting chewed apart decided to throw some small poppers and landed 15 tailor in 20 casts they were that thick on the last cast i seen something massive swimming in behind the popper i stood up for a better view and it was a big pike like creature i thought ok lets try after about 10 cast he was still interested then finally he chomped the popper and it was off like a train after a long 20min battle i landed it 83 cms to the fork there was that many boats around i was supprised i didnt get snagged been so many boats i could hear everyone commenting and even got some claps .

well 3pm came and i was spent home ward bound i was sorry no pictures phone went flat cant wait to get me go pro

all in all the windang is on fire lots of flathead , whiting , and millions of garfish and tailor

Cheers Rod

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Wow - top effort! I love plastics from the yak - so much easier than trying to manage bait. Fishing for tailor on softies can be an expensive hobby though [emoji3]

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Your 100% right there last Sunday arvo went out land based windang bridge and caught 16 tailor used a full packet of gulp shrimp! Not too bad of a feed.

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