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Botany bay 30-12


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Hi Raiders,

Fished Botany bay on Wednesday, condition wasn't not the best, ramp was full but had a spot after 10 min of waiting

Spend two hour chasing squid from henry head to Kurnell but donut. Then went back to bare island for 30 min and no touch, just about to move then got a hit with a small squid, then another 7 in the next min minutes.

Dinner sorted

went to container wall with two live squid, two live yellow tail as live bait and another pilchard on another rod while enjoying our feed but zero touch again. a guy close to us caught a decent Jew and drop a big flathead

We stay until nine pm and decided to call it a day

Drove off slowly for five minutes the speed up the boat and heard a screaming reel noise, we stop the boat and found that we forgot to pull up a rod, wind it up and found a dead 60 cm flathead on the hook, LOL

Took it home for another feed,

We cant seam to catch anything decent lately, if weather is good, I will chase kingie, haven't caught one for a ,long time

Advice on location in Botany bay is appreciated




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Mate had the same thing on the hawkesbury was ridiculously quiet. I dont know whether it is bait conditions were perfect. Caught a 55cm flatty on plastics couple weeks ago just under the bridge before you get to brighton beach

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