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can anyone help a fisho chick out


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Hi guys and girls

Im looking at coming to Sydney too do some fishing im 18 and have alot of experience but i need to up the game abit my south Australian waters are not cutting it for me no more. My mission well let me tell you

Im sure alot of you have caught all your targeted species but there are 2 great fish I can not get here in sa my top bucket list fish are a dolphin fish and marlin if anyone is willing too take me out im willing to chip in for everything can supply lures etc now i have a mission and that is too catch a mahi mahi on a spin stick using a jig rod pe 1-2 i have some great catches down here on sa using light tackle if anyone is able too help me out my email is caitw35@gmail.com or add me on Facebook caitlynn wright my profile picture has a barrel size tuna in it thanks for reading all and tight lines

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