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New to Kayak Fishing :) Intro & Report


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Just thought i would post up my rig and an intro as i'm pretty sure its more than likely i will run into another Raider on the water at some point.

After many many attempts to purchase a boat something would always come up and consume my boat funds

1. Engagement

2. Wedding

3. Mortgage

4. Child 1

5. Child 2

6. Child 3


This Christmas i was determined to get on the water but funds as per usual where required elsewhere (Childcare is simply criminal these days). So i looked into Kayak's as an alternate to a boat it simply makes sense t can get me out on the water where i need to be and has $0 upkeep. Not to mention its just so easy to pick it up strap it to the roof and off you go.

I too a look down at my local BCF and saw 2 i was interested in 3 meter and 3.6 meter and from there hatched a plan to wait till boxing day sales and snap one up. To my surprise that night i received an email to say they went on sale at 50% off (It was just meat to be). Next morning i went down and grabbed my first Kayak, i went with the 3 meter simply due to weight and ease of carrying plus it has two 10 inch storage hatches where the 3.6 only had a hatch up front.

I then waited for each item to go on sale and slowly bought each piece. I kitted it out including the Kayak for $570 (Without sale prices would have been about $1100)

1. Kayak $299

2. Seat $59

3. Paddle $42

4. Rod Holder $26

5. Life Jacket $38

6. Fish Esky $26

7. Paddle Leash $6

8. Net $25

9. Soft roof racks $55

Being my first time out on the water i figured i would stick to bright colours (Yellow) so other boats know where i am. I have taken the yellow beast out 3 times now and have been able to bring home a decent feed each trip where in the past i would be lucky to get a fish on each trip. Being able to go where i want and chase the fish rather than wait for them to come to me is just awesome.

I went out today to Narrabeen Lakes, i live out at Castle Hill but the trip wasn't too bad 50 mins there and 50 mins back. I found it to be very weedy and shallow and i'm not used to fishing the shallows i normally fish the deeper waters in the Hawkesbury. I flicked a few soft plastics around without any success but was not surprised as i am new to the plastic scene and need some practice and a few tips on how to use them properly.

I switched over to some fresh prawns and was getting hammed as soon as they hit the water by small bream and whiting. Ended up pulling in quite a few undersized bream and whiting. I kept at it and eventually pulled in a nice Pair of bream at the 30cm mark and a Long Tom that measured about 45cm (They really put up a good fight jumping out of the water etc). I have never caught a long tom before so checked my fish guide for size and limits to which there was no limit. I took a chance and kept the long tom to experiment if they are a good table fish or not.

I made my trip home and cleaned and cooked all 3 fish to feed the tribe, I was super surprised at how nice the Long Tom was to eat. I wrapped it in foil with butter, garlic and all purpose seasoning popped it in the oven @220c for 20 mins. Its a super tasty fish if you can be bothered with all the fine bones and i will definitely be keeping good size ones i catch in the future.

Needless to say i'm super excited to be out and about on the water and will try and get out at minimum every second weekend. So if you see the Yellow Beast out and about paddle over and say hi as i'm always open for some good tips and hints you guys can give or just another fellow fisher buddy for the day.

Tight Lines



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