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  1. Really sorry to hear this. My sincere condolences
  2. hello @krause! I havent been on this site in a while! Still remember that hairtail fishing session in winter a few years back. Didnt catch anything but enjoyed the serenity of fishing at night. Would love to catch up with everyone for a fish once the weather warms up. I will be up the coast in the port stephens area the coming weekend, for a short break. Land based fishing for me. I've launched from Clontarf and gone round to Beauty point. Have also swung past grotto point in front of wash away beach. Didn't catch much though. But really enjoy the time on the water. Angela
  3. A 3 hour paddle and you had the strength to bring that thing in! And to paddle back to your car?! PHOAR!!! I am in awe
  4. Hi. I haven't been out much either. It seems like the yaks are getting heavier and harder to get onto the roof racks. May need to think about getting a trailer soon! And the summer that has just gone has been too hot to spend too much of it in the sun. And now that it has cooled down a bit, we have the 'rain' hah hah.... can't win. But at least the garden is enjoying itself.... Cheers, Angela
  5. Hi Derek I don't think I got the PM, please can you resend.....(might be my technical skills.... )
  6. Hi all I've purchased a fishfinder plus installation kit, but it didn't come with Marine Goop. I want to install the transducer and the like. And was wondering what the difference was in using Marine Goop versus Marine Silicone. Any advice appreciated. Cheers Angela
  7. In terms of time - dawn and dusk are best. I find salmon can be caught at any time of day - if the school happens to be passing by. Salmon aren't fussy - so you could easily catch them on pillies. I use a smaller light rod to catch the live bait right by the wharf and a slightly heavier set up for the live bait. Essentially I fill my time by catching live bait, whilst I wait for the big hit. Just keep an eye out for the swimming birds - you don't want them taking your live bait by mistake.
  8. re: Surf outfit, you may need the reel + line but leave the road at home. Shorter is better on a boat. And yes, check with your friend, he may have everything sorted. Suggested you get some travel sickness remedy from the chemist - if you haven't been offshore before. And I find the trick is to try and keep your eyes outside of the boat at the horizon. Don't spend too long looking in bags and rigging up where you look inside the boat. I find the ginger based ones are good. Good luck!
  9. Hi there. Go further in order to get less people and for it to be more quiet. Pillies are better. Even better if they have been slightly salted so that they are tougher. Good luck!
  10. So how did you guys go after we left? The paddle back to the ramp was fantastic. So calm and only one boat shared the waterway with us on the way back. My tailor measured 52 cm on SP. Stoked as that is my largest fish on a yak. Going to try smoking it today!
  11. Great video and level of information shared. Also liking the sense of utility I get from watching you guys move around the centre cab. Good work ?
  12. Typical.... Need to go to bunnings again.... Rope... Torches... ? Donna, are you going to pop by and show up stewie? ?
  13. Is anyone bringing walkie talkies? Mobile reception isn't that good in some parts. Provided rain holds off, I will be there +1. Papaya yellow yaks so can't miss us. Oh and we don't have anchors so it should be interesting....
  14. I am in the process of confirming. Looks like it might only be for the pm and back on land before nightfall though. Parking at apple tree bay is pretty good and it is just a bit closer to waratah bay. Will confirm asap.
  15. Lots of fish. Mostly undersized though. Ended up taking a haul of leather jackets home though. Pan fried and used as the protein in Vietnamese summer rolls. The jackets were prolific, so figured may as well try and reduce the numbers so that next time around my bait can get down to the more favourable or fish!
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