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Bent tip on graphite rod


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Ive got a 762 lox 1-3kg. It's my favourite whiting rod.

I left it I my car on a hot day rigged up with a slight bend in the tip.

I've noticed that this bend is now permanent.

It affects the feeling on the line when fishing and I'm wondering if there's a way to get it straight again.

Should I just leave it in the car on the next hot day with no pressure on the tip?

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About $70 will get you a new tip section from the factory. Probably the best option.

Something else you could do is stick it in the oven on very low heat (60-80 degrees if possible) for an hour or so and see if that sets it straight. But no guarantees that the strength would be there afterwards.

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Guest 4myson

Use a heat gun on just the tip & gentle apply pressure in the opposite direction & let it cool down slowly while still applying slight pressure .....

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