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  1. Nice work, shame about loosing so much fish. I've fished North Head a few times and can without doubt tell you alot of sharks roam that patch, this includes hammer heads and whalers. I can pretty much guarantee a shark hookup every time I fish there.
  2. Nice catch Zoran. I believe that’s a reef ocean perch you’ve caught there. Is that right @Blackfish
  3. Nice work. The chain spot is where I caught an old PB kingfish on live bait many years ago. I’ve also see Alex B there a few times with his clients flicking gars for kings. Blackfish can also be caught there but you’ll need to bring your own cabbage.
  4. Thanks for sharing Derek, that's very helpful. I've been using snap swivels everywhere which is suitable for some applications but not everything. So this tip is very handy!
  5. Great banana peeling moment Bob!
  6. Great report XD. Congrats on catching the new setup! I caught 2 southern herrings once using a sabiki not far from the beach and managed to convert them into a legal jewfish and a hairtail. So they do work, but that's just my limited experience fish this area.
  7. Wow congrats Chis on this great catch! Your persistence definitely paid off and glad you friend was around to get some photos. Hope to see the video soon if you plan to publish it. Congrats again! 👏
  8. Just added some more photos how we ate them last night. It's my first time eating them so I did what seems to be the most common way to eat them, butterfly, remove bones and then panko bread crumbs. It's a fantastic eating fish, flesh is not dry, a subtle sweetness. The family loved it, now the dilemma will be, do I keep more for kingfish bait or feed the family! I used to dumped them into the kayak and them tie them up which can be eventful, I now carry a 5kg bag of ice and they go straight from the net into the esky, but before I do that I do a quick squeeze test while it's in the net. I'm checking if the crab has malted recently. If you've ever had one that has recently, it's tasteless, has no meat and absolutely not worth keeping, doesn't matter how big it is. So any "soft" crabs or even slightly soft get returned. BTW I've had to deal with a big mud crab last year in the yak, and that was definitely scary. I had to give it some of my pliers and scissors to latch onto so I could safely grab it. Good luck! Thanks Chris. Now that I've had a taste of gars I'll be targeting them more often.
  9. Whole family likes to eat them especially the wife. Thanks will be using some gars to batter and we're looking forward to it. I carry a 5kg bag of ice in the esky so they go straight in and get put to sleep.
  10. I have started exploring Brisbane Water recently and I'm pretty impressed with the fishing so far. Catching blue swimmer crabs on handline has been a great learning experience for me. Getting them to the surface is only half the issue, the toughest part is netting the buggers before they let go. I have been trialling the use of handline vs fishing rod and I've found the fishing rod is much more manageable as you can gently steer the crab upstream and position the net downstream before scooping them up. Using the handline it's much more difficult to do this and even more challenging when the current pushes the crab under the kayak and you just don't have arm length which the rod provides. Using the rod does have draw backs as I've lost a few rigs when the braid has wrapped around the tip and I forget to check and casted the bait away. The rig I've been using a non running sinker rig with a 6/0 hook and a whole yakka wrapped in netting. If you don't wrap yakka in a net it gets smashed by pickers before the crabs get to it. I was told that garfish could be caught throughout the system. So one day I decided to target them and I must say they are fun to catch. I used plain flour mixed with water for bait and a floating rig, 4lb Sunline FC rock leader and the smallest hook in my tackle box. You don't need much flour approx 2-3 table spoons, I prefer this over bread as you can make this as needed and it's just more practical than bringing a loaf of bread when space is limited on the kayak. The only downside of fishing Brisbane Water for me is the drive. It takes me an hour one way and I cover over 140km for the return trip. Might have to start planning retirement up the Central Coast way! Anyway if you've read this far kudos to you. If any of you readers have any tips on targeting other species I am all ears.
  11. They are also known as spotted bigeye. I catch them quiet often in the harbour on bait, jigs and sabiki. They smell a bit and if you can get over that, they have a fantastic moist flesh and a fatty layer near the skin. Not bad as sashimi, battered, fried or steamed.
  12. Well done Chris, that snell ain't going nowhere!
  13. Well done Bob. I've never caught a bass or ep something that's on my to do list. What sort of lures work well on these guys? Any chance you can PM me the location assuming it's accessible from the kayak? TIA
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