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Here birdy, birdy, birdy.


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G'day raiders,

Happy New Year to all!!!

With no work and the weather being nice, I've been up early the last 3 days making the most of it.

Friday -headed down to the cooks. While it was a doughnut as far as fish goes, I did manage to catch a bloody pidgeon who became tangled in my line mid-cast. Dragged the poor bugger across the river, untangled it and off it flew (after it sat looking at me rather pissed for 5 minutes or so). Eventually headed down to East Hills for a small bream and called it a day.

Saturday -went straight to Fitzpatrick. 2nd cast and i'm onto a 30cm bream which was good fun. Later on I cast and snag...a duck! As I'm hauling it in a few people walking by come to my aid and grab the duck and untangle it (thank you). We have a laugh and they (and the duck) are on their way.

Sunday -headed back to Fitzpatrick. Picked up 4 small bream and a flounder (been finding a few of them there lately). At one stage I hear something splashing at my feet and look down and there is bloody big moray eel sitting there looking at me. What an ugly animal!!!

All fish release to grow up. A fun few days and I'm keen to get back into next weekend.



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