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Bimini Side Clears


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Hey Raiders,

First post for the new year. I hope you all enjoyed the silly season and got some solid family and/or fishing time in!

After a few large 'splashes' in rougher water in the harbour on my last trip I think I want to look into getting covers.. Watching the Sydney to Hobart start was pretty amazing, the drenching on the way back to the ramp was not. Hahaha

My bimini has a zip and button studs on the windscreen ready to go, I'm told the previous owner lost them on the freeway...

Is there a cheap option to sourcing these? Maybe getting the material somewhere or am best to bite the bullet and get somewhere to custom fit them?

I had a look on the online market place sites, but couldn't find any at all.. I don't really care if they're not a perfect fit, just a little protection would be great..

On another note, this rain in Sydney is ridiculous!!! I had hoped to do some maintenance and paint refreshing this week whilst off work, but that looks to be out the window!




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I think you need a trimmer to custom make them.

Be aware after a while in the rain they absorb moisture and are very difficult to see through.

Thanks Welst, I actually went to Whitties over the weekend and bought a few meters of clear plastic, some plastic studs and clips... Just waiting on the zippers from the e-marketplace...

A friends dad has a sail making setup and I'm getting some help from him!

Failing that another friend who is an upholsterer by trade said he could knock them out for a case of stubbies... Good lad!

I'll put up a progress post when I've finally got everything and getting stuck into it.

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