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Ultra-light Reels


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Hi Raiders,

I am looking to purchase a new reel to go with my 1-3kg bream rod. I would be looking at a 1000-2500 size reel to load up with 6-8lb braid. Anytips on what are some good entry-medium level reels, also any tips on braid as well would be great.

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Shimano Reels from top to medium range.
All good gear
2500 size Reel is what you want.
There is many other brands also these days!
Shimano Symetre ? bottom end ? NO...... if BOATTART says they are OK .... listen, it would be good gear.

ShimanoStradic CI4 $ 220 + ish Very nice!

Shimano Stella out of the budget range but VERY NICE STUFF

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