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Where To Go?


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Hey all!!! :thumbup:

First off, i would like to say this is a great website. I have spent many hours reading the wealth of knowledge everyone has on here, and its come in handy.

Im really starting to get into my fishing, and my girlfriend has noticed it too. She has been wanting to come along with me and my mate, but the problem is we like to go off rocks and places that take a bit of walking to get to. I was hoping that some of you guys out there know of any spots that are easy enough to get to that will also give us a catch or 2.

I remember when younger being taken to tom uglys and captain cooks bridge. What are these spots like these days.

Thanks for any suggestions, and i will certainly post about the catches with pics!

Fish on!!!! :1fishing1:

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G'day mate, my girlfriend is the same, i usually take her squiding from the various wharves in port hacking, there is a good one next to the coastgaurd rescue boat shed that you can cast out pilchard cubes for and there is some horse slimey's that hang around that can be fun on light tackle and whn the sun startd to go down try and catch som eyellow atil or small trevally and stick them on a squid pin under a float, i havent dropped a quid there once, or the squiding can also be good at gymea bay baths, of the the right when you first walk onto thhe wharf. If your going to the fist one make sure you burley with bread for the yakkas and slimey's, tailor usually turn up there aswell on occasion!

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:1welcomeani: digger. Dunno where ya live but can I suggest the old gas works area at North Harbour.

It's got lots of parking, a nice park, flat walkway along the water, deep water at your feet etc etc. Best in a nor easter as the winds at your back. Floats or very lightly weighted or unweighted baits will get you trevally, kings, bream, flathead, sambos etc etc at this time of year. Burley really helps. Often there's lots of squid too o bring some squid jigs (this is one of the better land based spinning spots) If your GF gets bored its a nice view :1yikes: and if luck isn't with you you can always take her to the Corso at Manly five minutes away for a feed and added brownie points :biggrin2: . Cheers Bombie

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I would start by going to the Sydney aquarium followed by the cinemas to see a re run of finding Nemo.

Take it from a married man, you don’t want to confuse the girl. Once you cross those pleasure activity boundaries there is no coming back.

If not careful you might end up with a chemically sharpened hook in your mouth being skull dragged on 50lbs line.

Also be aware that women generally don’t release their catches, their funny that way.

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:yahoo: I love fishing under Tom Ugly's Bridge and Captain Cook's Bridge with my Dad and brother Matthew. We mostly get small bream but it is good experience for Matthew and I with our basic fishing skills. It will get us ready for the Sydney Harbour KINGIES! :074::thumbup:

Reply under supervision from Dad.

:yahoo: From Daniel aged ten years, from the Damari Fishing Team

Happy :1fishing1:

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