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The Heartbreak Of Seperation


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got home from work this morning and decided to wait for sunup to check out a problem with my outboard, she wasnt idleing and had a drop in power.

tracked the trouble to a throttle cable that is hanging on by sheer willpower but the damage was mostly hidden by still (barely) intact caseing.

after a call to Yabbie Marine i towed the boat down there to have a new cable fitted.

returning home to sit next to the phone to wait for the phone call to go get her , (i know they said maybe a couple of days but i'll wait) i pulled up out front where i normally park the boat, looked at the boatless view in my mirrors and got that feeling you normally get when you've arrived home from a BBQ and realized you left the wife and kids back at the park.

at least i know she's not alone down there , i've blocked Whitto's boat in so she's got some company. :1prop:

she may be old, tired and not looking anywhere near her best anymore, but neither am i and i miss her already. :1prop::wacko:

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Our hearts go out to you at this dark hour. I hope all goes well and there is a full recovery. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Please, when you visit the boat again pass on our kind regards

It’s hard when a loved one is away from home.

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Guest bluecod

Good going Yabbie Marine :thumbup: Got to look after a Raider

Looks like Whitto's boat can go home too - maybe!

WTF is wrong with it now Whitto?

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Thanks to Mr Yabbie for moving Outnumbered so Shurcan could go for a swim last night :thumbup:

Great blokes aren't they Brian :biggrin2:

WTF is wrong with it now Whitto?

Bluecod .... very little, apart from a very fussy owner :1naughty:

I got the boys at Yabbie to add a Permatrim.


It is now hard to tell where the plane starts/finishes ...top end speed is the same ... it fairly jumps out of the water and will drag the biscuit and skiers so much better now ... very happy :yahoo:

P.S. A pair of good bream and a nice whiting came home for lunch from the Hacking :biggrin2:

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