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It Had To Happen

Captain Pugwash

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Sat morning,

all set to go. But wake up to howling winds and pissing down rain. :1badmood:

Bloody weather man actually got it right for a change. It was bad enough that even we pulled the pin. Spent the day with a big dose of the Irits and then went out sat night and had a HUGE one to get over it.

Woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt ( for those Johnny Cash fans out there) and looked out the window and stuff it, there were white caps everywhere! What the hell are we going to do? After a couple of deep breaths I says to Dollface, stuff it, were going anyway!

So, on the water at 11, howling westerly, and wondering where the hell to go! Decides to poke my nose outside the heads and bugger me, the water in front of North Head is like a lake! You Bewdy I says, were off to Bluefish.

Anchored up, fairly protected, sounder going off it's nut with baitfish, berley bucket down and straight onto a nice trevor. Looking good so far. Next into the boat are a couple of beautiful little yakkas. Perfect bitesize if only there was a Kingy around. So out they go to do their best.

Without dragging the story on forever, here are the results.


I forgot to add that they were both just legal, going 62 and 63cm respectively. Both gave a good account of themselves but fortunately got them both on 10kg gear.

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Guest madsmc

Great fish Captain! The wind dashed my plans for a fish over the weekend so hopefully next weekend will be a bit more sedate. Kings on the BBQ. Excellent.



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ONYA Pete - way to go! you look pretty chuffed with that pair :thumbup:

Where's Dollface's Kingy" ?


Dollface actually "saved" the second one because I was busy elsewhere on the boat and she always keeps an eye on the live baits. She usually leaves them to me though as she doesn't want to end up in the drink with the fish.

I gotta tell you it was bloody beautiful to get amongst them again, this has been a totally stuffed winter of fishing.



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Well done mate, lovely looking fish,

I took the boat out there yesterday afternoon in that crazy wind and another boat was leaving and said they had seen kingies but hadnt had any luck.

There was some big yakkas around and i caught two and put the smaller one on with no wieght and cast it out. the other one was one of the biggest yakkas i have ever caught but i let it go. The line with the yakka started peeling off and so i grabbed the rod but no fish, so i brought in the line only to see a kingfish that must have been 80cm follow it up, and pretty much winked at me and swam off, leaving half a yakka on the hook, the bit being about half a cm from the hook. :mad3: but we caught some trevally in the meantime so cant complain.

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Nice work!!!

They might be only just legal but the make a good account for themself!!!

:beersmile: work up a sweat after winding those two in? :beersmile:


yes mate,

with the shape I'm in plus the hangover I was sporting, I was happy to call it a day after 2 of them. Been reefed so many times on light gear you just don't let up on them till you have them in the boat.

But all your troubles seem to vanish when you land one.



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