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12 mile this Sunday?


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Hi Raiders, I have been to 12 mile once before in. BarCrusher (not mine) and thinking of going tomorrow (Sunday) in my Quintrex 490 Fishabout and not too confident if the conditions are likely to make it too dodgy / unsafe. It's a great little boat, but generally don't venture past the artificial or Long Reef.

Opinions appreciated


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Keep an eye on the wind forcast.

I'm planning to make the same trip if conditions aren't too bad.

Take a sea anchor as I suspect you'll get blown off the marks pretty quick in the morning.

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I don't think it's a good idea. That far out from land the westerly wind can whip up a nasty chop and you will have head straight into it to get home. Your boat is a bit too small and on top of that it is a pressed tinnie which will not handle those sort of choppy seas very well owing to it's shallow deadrise and light weight.

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How did it all turn our pickles?

Looks like there was a bit of chop early on.

For the most part this is of course not particularly dangerous but it can make for a slow, bumpy and wet 2 hour kidney bruising trip back from

12 mile in the wrong boat... not a lot of fun!

Let us know how you went.

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I would follow AMKR's advice and check for weather conditions and swells. On your way out be mindful of what is happening around you and if conditions start to deteriorate, turn around and go back. Just be aware of the weather. :fishing1:

One major flaw with that is that the conditions might worsen once you get out there (ie the 12 mile). If you are going to do that sort of fishing perhaps use a boat suitable for the sort of conditions you might face.

PS: you can do just as well in terms of fishing results within 2 nm of the coast.

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