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Port Kembla land based advice


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Gday shaun

Port Kembla break walls are producing some tailor and salmon of late as are the beach gutters. Beach worms and pillies seem to be the bait of choice.

thanks Raymondo,

is the large breakwall open for fishing atm,i have never fished there but am keen to fish some deep water,i also really enjoy beach fishing

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Access to either of the breakwalls is hit and miss, depending on what work the port authority are doing at any given time. Usually at least one is open to the public. The west wall was open last Saturday .

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Beaches are always worth a shot. Port kembla breakwall is good fun but can be very hit and miss landbased. I would suggest grabbing some yakka from wollongong harbor and hauling them out there. It's a mission, but a livie under a float is top bait out there. Purchase a little trolley from a cheap store to help get the bucket out there. Just be smart on the wall...

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