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Clifton gardens no fishing sign?

Krispy !

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I think it might be " No Fisheries Officer here" sign . People are taking everything that can swim here and clean here on the spot at least in the evening/ at night and everyone is relaxed. I believe the locals wanted to close this area for fishing a while ago.

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I was fishing Clifton Gardens more then 10 years ago, and it was painful to see the behavior of certain people. ( one of the reason for getting a boat )

Some people even had a fire on the pier.

It was long time coming. And considering families going to the park during the day, I think it's a fair decision.

If people don't listen, they have to feel the pain.

Shame for the 5% decent land-based fishermen.

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It may refer to the swimming area though which has always beena no fishing zone

I believe this is the correct answer.

From time to time they also introduce a no fishing off the wharf at all because they conduct an underwater clean up... they had one of these last year.



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If you google Clifton Gardens the Council actually encourages fishing and they even have a fish cleaning station at the end of the wharf.

.I was there few months ago everything was A OK.

Yes no fishing off the baths and the parking hard to get unless you go at night.

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