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Curried fish


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Unable to go out fishing whilst laid up with a broken leg, my dearest bought me home some bream fillets she picked up at the local fish shop.

I must admit they where very fresh fillets , smelt really good with firm white flesh.

I made a light curry sauce with some coconut cream and Thai green curry paste, boiled up some Basmati rice then poached the cut up fillets in the curry sauce for about 10 minutes on a low slow boil.

It was excellent, nice and smooth curry with the fish pieces in it , beautiful.

I have not been keen on curried fish before but must admit I will be making this one again.

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What fish, do you think is best used in a curry? :wine:

Curried fish is nice as Greyfox says.

I think any fish with firm meat is good for curry, e.g Leather Jacket, but for fish with rather soft meat still can be used for curry if we fry it first, otherwise it will get broken and messy.


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